Vijendra Singh To Support The Indian Boxers

On Wednesday the boxer Vijender Singh made a U-turn from his position that he is supporting the past IABF secretary general PK Murlidharan Raja-lead section mentioning that any group who will receive the National Boxing Body deferment raised by the International Boxing Association will get his support.

Vijendra told to the reporters that he is not a politician he is a boxer and his job is boxing. He will be backing any of the group. He is supporting Raja Abhay Singh Chutala the previous IABF president and for that affair Ashok Matoria, the current IABF president. Whichever group will assist in taking the Indian boxing to a step further, he will be with that section only.

The rebel party escorted by the retired Raja and Asit Banerjee, the west Bengal boxing association chief in the finished IABF had declared that the world and Olympic championship bronze medalist Vijender Singh had decided to be on the athletes’ fee.

The section or group has already approached AIBA with a dream document to take the Indian boxing to step further in a visible way after the world body wanted application from any section of people with craze and love for their sport to tender applications for the organization of new national federation.

Boxer Vijender Singh uttered that he wants a premature resolution to the deadlock so that the Indian boxers can fight at the international events for national flag.
The boxer said that he wants an early decision on this matter. He wants something better to happen to the Indian boxing in a little while. Hard work should be performed to accomplish the Nationals because for the last two years there were no Nationals.

Discussing about his preparation for Common Wealth Games and the Asian games this year the boxer whispered that his three to four months of training is sufficient to get ready for the event. He will participate in the next invitational tournament held in other country.