Tease Of Having Future Opponents Beyond Chavez

Carl Martin Froch is an English professional boxer who has been world champion in the super middle-weight division for four times. He has won the WBC title two times and is the IBF champion for now. The champion is very open and clear minded in expanding his career beyond the match up with Julio Chavez Jr. Which is being agreed to be a dream match.

The Chavez deal now being nearly done, Carl insists that his going to Vegas to fight against him might not be the swansong he had necessarily been pointing out.

The fight that has been going for quite sometime now, and after being dragged for so long is approaching close to showdown. Carl believes that the two epic fight after he beat Mikkel Kessler and the wait to fight Chavez has really been great.

It has been a wonderful year for Carl and now it was all about giving a good end to his career or maybe not finishing his career in Vegas.

Carl has reportedly said that Chavez is a very good fighter and that he was coming up to a weight that he would be more comfortable at. The fight is going to be neck-to-neck fight with no surety of who would be the winning man. Carl knows that Chavez is strong like his father and can survive through twelve rounds. It is an intriguing fight and Carl is not sure if he has what it takes to take it till the twelfth round.

Carl has been thinking about his retirement after he beat Bute. He had to give all that it takes to knock him down and it was funny for him that he was talking about his match with Chavez as the dream match. He has been thinking what if he did beat him and in good form, then he would certainly be feeling great about doing so and might not want to end his career.