Sarah Thellman Crowned As World Champion Of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a game that has seen many tough fights. This is an art of fight which famous amongst the circuit of fighting championships. The Taekwondo championship is one of the things to look out for and recently Sarah Thellman became the Taekwondo World Champion. She previously used to be a school receptionist. She took a break from her daily job from school and became the world champion in this form of martial arts. This was one of the occurrences which are rare a school receptionist leaving her work to fulfil what her country require her to do.
Thellman was working in Frank Seely School in Calverton. It was during this time when she got a call for representing her country in the world even of Taekwondo. She represented Great Britain at the World United Martial Arts competition and it was here that she came out emerging as a champion of the game. These games were held in the Geneva last weekend. She currently is a red belt black stripe holder and wants to be a black belt holder in Taekwondo in the coming few months. Before having a black belt she is already a European champion. Previously in Switzerland she won gold in the individual Korean category and silver in team Kata while a silver in Grand Championship.
The school head teacher Mike Kurylec congratulated Thellman on her recent achievement and also came out saying that the whole school was delighted over her victory and congratulate Sarah. She said that the school will continue to offer their support to her in order to achieve more success in this sport. She said that the students have often won championships and it is a matter of pride for them but a staff member winning a grand award is one of the rarest occasion and they are happy for her success.