Amir Khan is being sued by Mustafa Ameen, on the grounds that his comments after the Peterson match are tantamount to slander.

Mustafa is ready to accept an apology from Amir but if that doesn't happen he will have to seek legal action.

Amir Khan spoke to the press after losing his World Boxing Association and the International boxing federation belts to Lamont Peterson, criticising the independence of the boxing judges, and raising quite a number of grievances, not least questioning the actions of the mysterious man who was seen sitting at the right side and conversing with the supervisor from the World Boxing Association, Michael Welsh.

It was also revealed later that he was in no way related to the International Boxing Federation and was not an official member of the organization and hence had no reason to be there that night. In fact, he was reportedy just a promotor for a Boxing Equipment company.

Mustafa has now decided that he will take the law into his own hands and will file a law suit. He has had enough and realizes that this is not going to stop and he may well have to sort this out in the courts.