Know Carl Froch

Many people have entered the world of boxing and made everyone proud. But one name that always rings a bell in any mind is that of Carl Froch. He is from England, and he has been the world champion for a staggering four times. He is a professional boxer who is also the unified WBA super-middleweight and the IBF champion.

Also, he has been crowned the WBC super-middleweight champion twice. And his list of achievements goes on and on. He has even outshined everyone else at the British and Commonwealth Games, and he has been termed as the best pound for pound boxer in the world, by BBC.

In a recent bit of news, it was rumoured that Carl Froch might have to go up against George Groves. And Froch had readily commented that, should he have to face George Groves in the ring, he has absolutely no problems going up against the undefeated Londoner.

Butaccording to Joe Calzaghe, Froch should take this challenge seriously if it at all takes place, because underestimating Groves could very well lead to his downfall in the ring. It is obviously evident that in this instance, Groves is the underdog, but then that does not at all mean that he does not have a fighting chance of defeating the champion. Groves has every chance of out boxing Froch, and he has all the skill and expertise that is needed to achieve that.

This is kind of a rerun of history, so to speak. Years back, Joe Calzaghe had been the reigning champion, and it had been an underdog Carl Froch who had tried to call him out in the hopes of taking on Calzaghe. But Calzaghe had denied him that opportunity, as he believed that Froch did not deserve him, and had gone on to retire after a whopping unbeaten record of 46 fights.