British boxer Amir Khan, the former International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Association Champion in the Light Welterweight division has asserted that there is no chance of him repeating the mistakes he made during the first match with the current champion Lamont Peterson last year when he gets to face him in a rematch.

According to Khan, the last one year has provided him with enough time to think about the match with Peterson in 2011, where he lost his titles, gave him the opportunity to watch the video of the fight over and over again and assess all the mistakes that he made during that fight.

However, the loss that he suffered at the hands of Peterson came via a split decision and there is still controversy to this day regarding the justification for the decision. But Amir Khan is not ready to dwell on that, stating that boxing is such a sport that does not allow you to stagnate.

One has to learn from each and every match he enters in and get better with each and every fight. He further added that if one loses a fight, he has to review the mistakes and learn from them and then make it right the next time he steps into the ring.

Khan also said that he made the weight completely wrong for the fight and vowed never to repeat such a mistake in the future. Amir Khan further went on to add that he had sat with his team and reviewed footage of the video and come up with certain solutions and he threw a challenge at himself that he will do better this time.

Amir will go into a 10 week long training period, however, before he steps into the ring with Peterson for the tile bout.