Kessler wants Carl Froch

Mikkel Kessler sat down for a revealing interview with English daily where he stated how an inoperable eye injury almost cost him his career inside the ring and also mentioned he would rather have a trilogy of fights against the English boxer Carl Froch rather than a match against Andre Ward of the United States of America, who is almost widely regarded as the best Super Middleweight fighter in the world.

Kessler, the International Boxing Federation title belt holder and the World Boxing Association or the WBA 12st champion will face Froch on the 25th of May in the O2 Arena.

Speaking of the re-match against the English boxer from Nottingham, Kessler stated that the Englishman is a real fighter, and because of their styles, the fans of boxing love to see them go head to head against each other. He also stated that he would rather have a third fight against Carl Froch, even if he wins against him, than face the American Andre Ward. He mentioned that Ward doesn’t feature anywhere in his wish list. He mentioned that he has lost to him on one occasion but the American doesn’t want to step out of the United States.

Kessler also stated that Ward wants the fight to take place in Oakland, as he added sarcastically that he might as well have his neighbor as the referee and his sister to judge the match. Kessler is hugely popular in his home in Denmark, where according to television reports, almost 75% of the television audience of five million watch the highly decorated and five time world champion in action on a regular basis.

Kessler also stated how in the 14 months after his win over Carl Froch, he was suffering from the eye disease before coming back to the ring.