Focus on Froch

After noticing Amir’s loss Carl Froch said that if Khan’s incident happened with me I would have to retire. But Khan is now very junior and at his age of 25 he got lots of fame and many best years have ahead of him. Before this he has been defeated by Beidis Prescott in a tough fight said Froch. He also mentioned to khan and said that he has a good punch in his hand but he can not resistance punch, what is most weakest part of his action.

He should promote his action and fitness. Froch also gave congratulated to Gracia and said he has done excellent job but I am promising to my supporter that I will bounce back stronger and definitely will try to regain my spot in 140lb division. Right now Carl Froch is going to relax for some week and to recharge his energy level which. Before this break he had a 16 week training camp so he needs this break. After coming back from rest he will sit down with his team to plan for future tournaments.

As per Froch he never refuses anybody in his divison to face and fight, he welcomes any proposal of fighting warmly. Because he is ready to take every challenges. Many can think that Froch has attitude but I think if I do not show my efficiency my fan will be disappointed because they come to see me after paying a lumpsum money.

At your time best option is to face best fighter and getting best position. As a contender of mine Garcia gave me a good punch at third round that time I was not able to resist the punch and to give fight back. That is known as a boxing said Carl Froch. So get time and throw challenge to contender for showing your level.