In the world of Boxing, the name of Amir Khan is known to many boxing viewers. Khan is a rising British boxer. If you love to see boxing, then you will love to watch the game of Amir Khan, and he has proved this fact in his fight with Malignaggi, an American boxer.

Khan’s fight with Malignaggi
Amir Khan has been trained by Freddie Roach, the US trainer. The training of Freddie Roach has improved the boxing skills of Khan, and as a result he has won his fight against Malignaggi in the 11th round. His win was the result of his strict game plan and other attributes such as precision and speed. Amir Khan has also enjoyed some advantages over his rival such as better height and greater speed. Malignaggi was seen helpless against these advantages and was not able to connect his attack to his opponent leaving few left hooks. With his win over Malignaggi, Khan has made his presence felt to the boxing world, and his fan base has grown in UK.

Khan’s fight with Marcos Maidana
The next fight of Khan was scheduled with Marcos Maidana on 11th Dec in 2010. The expectations were more from Maidana before the fight begun because Maidana had an excellent record of 27 KO. It was said that Khan stood small in front of the Maidana’s experience. The fans of Maidana believed that Khan will again be put down to ground just as it was done when he fought with Prescott but the view of Khan’s coach was totally different regarding this fight. Roach agreed that Khan was ready for anything that Maidana could do against him in the ring. Roach believed that the speed of Khan would surprise Maidana in the ring, and the result would go in favor of Khan.