Condit Directed Indefinite Medical Suspension

Sad news for Carlos Condit fans- the leading American MMA champ has been sentenced an indefinite medical suspension given serious injuries at the recently concluded UFC 171 match. TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation) announced the news yesterday.
The former WEC Welterweight champ suffered a bad knee injury during the 2nd round of Condit’s co-main event fight against Woodley (Tyron) at the UFC 171 match that took place 10 days back on 15th March, 2014- at Dallas based American Airlines Center. Condit was ultimately required to undergo a surgery as he sustained a painful torn ACL & torn (partially) meniscus in right knee.
Condit’s injury called for a referee stoppage action given the severity of the wound and Woodley went on to become the champion. Woodley admitted later that he was well aware of Condit’s wound and hence went in for a kill. Tyron’s no-mercy knock on Condit has left the later in an indecisive stage in his career. Doctor’s clearance is pending still and hence TDLR was compelled to keep him away indefinitely for the matches.
Along with Carlos, two other fighters namely Robert Whiteford and Jimy Hettes too have received indefinite clinical suspension given injuries sustained during UFC 171matches. Jimy lost out to Bermudez (Dennis) via 3rd round in some lopsided affair. In regards to the Scot fighter (Whiteford), he was brave enough to snatch a victory against Pineda (Daniel), despite a very painful broken shin.
Added to these 3 heavyweights, TDLR also announced medical suspension sentences for 5 fighters- however, these 5 were lucky to receive moderate suspensions & not the indefinite ones to be experienced by Carlos, Robert and Jimy. These 5 fighters include Johny Hendricks, Jake Shields, Myles Jury, Daniel Pineda & Diego Sanchez. Sanchez has been suspended for 45 days while the other 4 received suspension for 30 days.