Carl Froch wants Andre Ward to cross the Atlantic and fight him in England

English boxer Carl Froch has challenged Andre Ward to make the journey across the Atlantic for the first time in his career and face him at the City Grounds in Nottingham, home to his beloved Nottingham Forest Football Club.

Ward has been recognised as the best fighter in the Super Middleweight category when he defeated the Englishman in the final of the Super Six tournament that was held in Atlantic City and the Cobra now wants to set the record straight by avenging that loss.

The American has stepped inside the ring only twice in the last three years and three months since that brilliant victory and he is now being ordered by the World Boxing Association or the WBA to set up a rematch with Froch with both the fighters putting their belts on the line.

While Ward is the 'Super' champion of the WBA, Carl Froch is the regular champion and whoever wins will unify the belts to become the lineal champion.

The Nottingham based brawler has told his nemesis, who calls himself the 'Son of God' to man up and cross the Atlantic for a fight with him. He said that he has fought Ward at his own backyard in the United States and it is only fair that he comes to England to face him as well. He added that one must fight overseas to be considered a true great fighter.

According to Froch, someone needs to force Ward to travel out of his comfort zone, adding that the American will find him to be a very different animal to the Carl Froch he faced three years ago.

Froch vacated his IBF title last month so that James DeGale would not have to wait long for a shot at the title but he will not do the same with the WBA belt.