Carl Froch looking forward to a rematch

Carl Froch said in an interview that he is keener to face Mikkel Kessler again than Andre Ward. Kessler and Ward are the only two fighters to beat the Nottingham boxer Froch in his career till date. More interestingly both the fighters showed their desire to have a rematch with Froch.

Froch recently fought brilliantly against Yusaf Mack and defended his IBF super-middleweight title. Andre Ward defeated Carl Froch last December where he completely outclassed Froch. From then on, there is a huge debate going on about their rematch. But Froch said that he would like a rematch with the world number three Mikkel Kessler before his encounter with the world number one Andre Ward. He also explained the reason by saying that when Kessler beat him in 2010 he was not at his peak. So he wants a chance to take the vengeance which upsets him even today.

Froch regarded Ward as a great fighter. He said he would dare to think of an unbeaten career from an age of 12 which has been the case for Ward. He also asserted that the Olympic Gold Medalist would have no trouble in beating Mikkel Kessler. Then he turned the focus to Kessler and said Kessler fought the best fight of his career in 2010 and also mentioned about his not being 100%. A brave fighter like Kessler is always pretty tough to handle, said Carl Froch.

Froch revealed that he conversed with Kessler a few times and he is not afraid to step up for the fight. He told that Kessler is an honorable man and he would love to be in the ring with him in front of his home crowd in London. The first fight took place in Denmark which happened to be the hometown of Kessler. Now it’s the turn for Froch to have the home-crowd beside him.