Amir Khan disappointed at Visa debacle and looking forward to support

Amir Khan continues to face problem with his Visa that was rejected by the United States. The veteran English boxer wished to watch the matchup between Flyod Mayweather and Marcos Maidana. Amir Khan himself expressed his disappointment as he was initially granted the permission but later denied by the US officials to visit the country. Security reasons were put up as an excuse but his lawyers were not ready to accept the decision. This was a quite a blow to the career of the boxer as well as he has a bout in the later part of the year in the US. His club in Los Angeles has been reported to try its best to connive the authorities. Amir expressed his disappointment at not being able to travel freely because of his ethnicity on twitter. Millions of fans across the world have voiced their support in favor of their favorite star performer.
Amir Khan was supposed to face Mayweather himself but the plans were jeopardized due to some unforeseen events. Khan’s trainer Virgil Hunter was disappointed with the series of events leading up to the next match. According to him the Visa debacle and the postponed match might prove quite decisive in Amir’s career. But as always he stressed on the importance of training hard and keeping the mental condition of the athlete at his best. Amir is a former champion in the lightweight and welterweight categories. The Punjabi descent world champion represented Britain in the Olympics games. He is a crowd favorite and has millions of fans all over the world. The agility strength and flamboyance of the boxer has resulted in this humongous fan following. It is on these people that Khan will count on when he returns to action later in the season of boxing.